March 4, 2021


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Manasquan Declares State Of Emergency

MANASQUAN – Manasquan has declared a state of emergency because of the coronavirus outbreak.

Mayor Ed Donovan declared a local state of emergency effective 2 p.m. on Friday.

The purpose of the declaration is to open up all of the available levers of municipal government to respond to the potential spread of the virus, he said.

The borough was not aware of any confirmed cases within the municipality as of Friday afternoon.

“However, we are aware of the limits of the testing and surveillance programs currently in place and realize that community spread is occurring in the tri-state area,” Donovan said.

Although the risk to any one individual may remain low, the borough believes there is considerable risk to first responders and the regional healthcare system.

This emergency declaration enables Manasquan to request outside resources and enable an agile and dynamic municipal response to a rapidly developing threat to the community.

The municipal declaration includes the following:

  • Donovan directed all Department and Agency Heads to develop a continuity of government plan in order to ensure that essential government functions remain uninterrupted
  • Donovan directed the Office of Emergency Management to request additional supplies and Personal Protective Equipment for emergency responders in order to ensure our essential personnel are protected and can continue to provide these critical public safety services.
  • Donovan redirected the Police Department to prioritize their response strategy to critical medical emergencies in order to protect members from unnecessary exposure and conserve protective equipment.
  • The borough will be suspending non-essential borough-sponsored events, assemblies and meetings throughout Manasquan until further notice.

Moving forward, the borough will be providing updates to the public as additional information becomes available via the webpage and social media outlets. All affected municipal functions and closures are currently posted on the borough website.

“I also encourage all residents and local business owners to register with our municipal notification system for the latest information,” he said. “These proactive steps serve to protect essential functions of municipal government, and reduce both the potential of immediate virus spread as well as the associated inundation on our local healthcare system.”

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