August 10, 2020


News for Agilists

Empirical Goal – Serious Scrum
  • Enables the Scrum Team to focus in an objective manner and visualize the big picture of the product vision.
  • Create the design of the whole system or the relevant component(s) required to build the increment in a creative manner.
  • It provides flexibility for meaningful conversations among the Scrum Team members within the Sprint.
  • It promotes “Focus” which is one of the Scrum values.

Transparency means not only visible but also understandable — Gunther Verheyen, Scrum — A Pocket Guide

Significant aspects of the process must be visible to those responsible for the outcome. — Scrum Guide 2017

Sprint Goal is like the “North Star” guiding the Scrum Team to empirically navigate through the complexity within a Sprint to achieve the Purpose. — Umar

I would like to conclude this article emphasizing any strategy and tactical ways of working chosen on and above the Scrum Framework must support Empiricism in some form or the other. Likewise, the Sprint Goal must enable inspection and adaptation of the purpose behind the work carried out by the Development Team throughout the Sprint in a transparent manner with the help of the FAST criterion explained above which leads to crafting an “Empirical Goal”.

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