March 4, 2021


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AI roadmap aims to put Australia at the forefront of shaping international standards

Standards Australia has published the Artificial Intelligence Standards Roadmap: Making Australia’s Voice Heard, which was commissioned by the Department of Industry, Science, Energy and Resources and aims to place Australia at the forefront of the creation of international AI standards.

The roadmap was created following a wide-ranging consultation, seeking input from a range of stakeholders in industry, government, civil society and academia.

It has eight recommendations on where Australia should focus on AI Standards work and who should have responsibility for their implementation, with recommendations being divided by four goals. These range from safety and trust for citizens and consumers, to ensuring export opportunities for Australian businesses are protected, promoted and enhanced.

The first goal is to ensure that Australia can effectively influence AI standards development globally. To achieve that, the roadmap recommends increasing the membership of the Artificial Intelligence Standards Mirror Committee — established by Standards Australia in late 2018 (IT-043) — to include participation from more sectors of the economy and society. The roadmap timeline is to be completed by March 2020.

It also recommends exploring enhanced cooperation with the United States National Institute for Standards and Technology (NIST) and other standards development organisations (SDOs) in order to enhance Australia’s knowledge and influence in international AI Standards development, also suggested for completion this month. 

The Australian Government nominates experts to participate in ISO/IEC/JTC 1/SC 42 and the National Mirror Committee (IT-043). The Australian Government should also fund and support their participation, particularly at international decision-making meetings where key decisions are made, within existing budgetary means. This action is expected to be completed by April.

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