March 4, 2021


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Agile experts urge firms to adopt cloud computing

Ife Ogunfuwa

Agile practitioners have called on organisations to adopt innovative tools such as DevOps and cloud computing to achieve targeted growth.

The advice was given at the Agile DevOps Day 2020 organised by the Agile Practitioners of Nigeria in Lagos under the theme ‘Accelerating Your Delivery’.

The Director at Cognetiks Consulting, Obi Ikegulu, described DevOps as a culture of practice in systems development that helped to increase the speed of delivery, reducing downtime and human errors.

In his presentation entitled, ‘What is DevOps, Cloud and Kubernetes?’ Ikegule noted that cloud technology was capable of making automation easier to execute.

“Consider DevOps as the tool for continuous production, integration, delivery. Agile is a practice also that evolves like the scrum masters. Now, how cloud comes to play is to make the whole process easier like building in an environment. The Google Cloud and Azure are meant to make life easier for companies and even save costs. So, cloud makes automation easier,” he said.

According to Ikegule, companies that are yet to fully adopt Agile practice, DevOps and cloud computing may find it difficult to compete in the market within the next five years as trends have shown emerging technologies will take toll on such organisations.

“That’s why we are here. To remove those fears and assist these companies to adapt to cloud. Yes, both the government and private sector-driven organisations in Nigeria are sceptical about cloud.

“Today, data centres are coming up in Lagos. You also have virtual cloud solutions by VMWare and others who can build a custom-made cloud system for you. So, that fear shouldn’t be there. After all, you are on Facebook, Gmail, Instagram, WhatsApp and others, which are also positioned in the cloud.

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